About Us


The task force is named IFT Occupational Safety and Health & Green Task Force (OSHG), and which is formed by the management board and staff of the institute. By means of enhancing the concept of occupational safety and cultivating knowledge of the concerned issue, we aim to create a safer, healthier and greener working environment.


The principal aim of organizing the task force is to establish a group within the institute responsible for supervising safety condition and maintaining a green campus for all stakeholders. Simultaneously, promoting plans and courses of occupational safety and environmental issues, we aim to enhance understanding, communication, and cooperation of stakeholders at all levels, and to ensure the application of plan, and provide initiative suggestion.


The task force is responsible to establish and execute the policy
When incident occurs, investigation and record will be made, so as suggestions and remedies will be offered, to ensure the proper execution
Refresh and add necessary information on the topic by organizing courses
Inter-supervision within the task force and supervision from invited units will examine the entire policy, so as to ensure the anticipated effect

Other teams of OSHG

For more complex, technical or specific topics, OSHG has set up 2 specialized teams or working groups to conduct studies and make recommendations for endorsement by the Task Force.



Task Force members term of service

The term of service will be 2 years and could be reappointed.