Launch of New Website 🎉🌐 圖書館新網站已經推出

We are delighted to announce that the brand new website of IFTM Library is launched!

The new website is not only an upgrade on the look, with a library-oriented approach, it is easier and more efficient for users to look for information. Feel free to explore the site and let us know what you think!


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IFTM Library Week Series Activities 2021: Meme Contest

[IFTM Library Week Series Activities 2021] Meme Contest



Unleash your creativity and bring joy to people by joining the Library Meme Contest! Create a meme that is library or reading related. Below are the important dates and some resources you can use:According to Cambridge Dictionary, meme is "an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet". Alternatively, accordingly to Urban Dictionary, meme is "the cure of depression" (with over 8,000 upvotes as of 30 March 2021). Although we cannot guarantee any scientific research on meme curing depression, meme is undeniably an internet gem and a remedy for a dismal day. 






Phrase I: Submission

  1. Submission period: 12th April, 2021 00:00 – 29th April, 2021 23:59 (GMT+8)
  2. Please send the jpg or png file to, with the email title “Meme Contest – (student number)”. Please also provide your contact information including your name, student number, IFTM email and contact number) like the following:

Email Subject: Meme Contest – (S123456)



Student No.:




6123 4567

  1. There are some online meme generators which you can utilise. If preferred, you can also use your own images or other online images that are copyright-free. However, please ensure images of the work is under fair use. Violation of copyright is strictly prohibited.


Phrase II: Voting

  1. Voting period: 30th April, 2021 10:00 – 14th May, 2021 17:00 (GMT+8
  2. All works will be posted on Library Facebook Page on 30th April (Fri) at 10:00. The post which has the most likes by 14th May,2021 17:00 will be the winner of the contest.
  3. Any suspicious behavior of “buying likes” will result in disqualification.
  4. The result will be announced via email and Library Facebook page on the 17th  



  1. All IFTM fulltime students and staff are welcome to participant, namely all registered students of degree and diploma programme as well as academic and administrative staff excluding Library colleagues (must have a valid IFTM institute email).



  1. All participants will get a small participation prize (while stock lasts). Participants will be notified via email for collection later.
  2. More than 1 submission is welcome, but only 1 participation prize will be offered for each individual.
  3. The post with the most likes by 14th May,2021 at 17:00 (GMT+8) will win the contest. The winner will be awarded an IFTM Educational Restaurant coupon of MOP$400 in value.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The memes should be related to library/reading/book/relevant topic. It can be either in English or Chinese.
  2. The text of the meme should be original, while the image can be either original or copyright-free. However, please ensure images of the work is under fair use. Violation of copyright is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  3. By submitting the work, you have given consent to IFTM Library to share your work via any Library channels for promotional uses.
  4. Works received after the deadline (i.e. 29th April, 2021 23:59 GMT+8) will not be accepted.
  5. In the voting process, the “likes” on the Facebook posts should be generated in an organic manner, i.e., it should not be manipulated through “buying likes”. Library reserves the right to disqualify any participants who “buy likes”.
  6. Library reserves all rights to change or amend any terms and conditions or other related information without prior notification (e.g. to determine if it is a library/reading related meme, disqualify work associated with inappropriate or abusive content such as discrimination, harassment, etc).



  1. For any queries, please contact us vis email (