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Application Form (for Mainland applicants)

Important notes for online application
1. Candidates may apply for admission to any of the Daytime Bachelor Degree Programmes upon:
 (i) Form 6 graduation; and
 (ii) having attended the National College Entrance Examination of the current academic year and having attained a score up to or above the first level standard or university level standard of admission into bachelor degree programmes.
2. For application, please click the link below to complete the online application form.
3. Candidates may log on here to amend the application details before application deadline on June 30.
4. Please choose the payment method for settling an application fee of MOP250.00 at the last stage of the application process.
5. The application fee is non-refundable and must be settled within the application period.
6. Late application or application without successfully settling application fee will not be accepted.
7. If the submission of application form is successful, the candidate will receive an acknowledgement email with an application number (AP19Mxxxx). Therefore, the email on the application form should be valid.
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