Launch of New Website 🎉🌐 圖書館新網站已經推出

We are delighted to announce that the brand new website of IFTM Library is launched!

The new website is not only an upgrade on the look, with a library-oriented approach, it is easier and more efficient for users to look for information. Feel free to explore the site and let us know what you think!


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(Refworks will only be valid until 31 December 2017, please click here to see how to export your references)

About RefWorks



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About RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography manager that allows you to create a personal database of references for research use and in writing papers.


What Can I Do With RefWorks?

  • Create your own personal database of references
  • Import references easily from many online databases
  • Generate a bibliography or reference list in a variety of citation styles
  • Format in-text citations or footnotes in seconds.
  • access your references from any computer connected to Internet
  • Share references with others 



All staff and students from IFT may sign up a personal account with their IFT email address to access to the RefWorks.


   RefWorks Login Center


Need a Login Account?

A personal account is required for access to RefWorks, you may sign up your own at the login page. (Learn more)


Group Code*: RWITourismS

*When using Write-N-Cite III or 4, you may need to enter the Group Code above before login. (Learn more)


Users need to sign up for a personal account the first time they use RefWorks. To create an account or to login, go to:  RefWorks Login Center


To set up a new account:

Click on Sign up for a personal account at the login screen.

Enter the required information, including a Login Name and Password. Please note that your IFT email address is required for the registration.


Group Code  

 A Group Code is needed when

  • creating a new RefWorks account off-campus not via the IFT Library Website.
  • using Write-N-Cite III or Write-N-Cite 4  

Please enter "RWITourismS" in the Group Code field before signing up or logging in.

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