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Special Arrangements

IFT Admission Examinations - Special Examination Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

Daytime Degree Programmes

The Joint Admission Examination for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions (Subjects: Languages and Mathematics) (called the JAE hereinafter) has provided special examination arrangements for students with disabilities. For details, please visit JAE webpage.


Evening Diploma and Degree Programmes

To provide an equal admission opportunity for students with disabilities, IFT has provided special examination arrangements for them, e.g. additional examination time, special arrangement of examination room, permission to use auxiliary aids, etc.


For the application of special examination arrangements, students with disabilities are required to notify IFT of their disability condition and the special arrangement needed by email ( or in written form during the application period, with submission of the following documents:

  1. an assessment report and other relevant diagnosis documents / proof issued by a registered medical practitioner, such as the “Disability Assessment Registration Card” issued by the Social Welfare Bureau of Macao SAR;
  2. Candidates who have previously been provided with special examination arrangements in schools should submit relevant proof issued by the school or specification of the arrangement.


The application of special examination arrangements will be assessed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The applicants will receive email notification of the assessment result within 7 working days after the application period ends. The admission qualification of the applicants being granted the approval for the special examination arrangements will be considered equally with other applicants.