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Expert on live streaming in e-commerce shares insights with IFTM students

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A recent talk at IFTM by e-commerce expert Mr. Jacky Sin gave students valuable information on the evolving field of live streaming in the sector, and its opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Macao

Live streaming e-commerce has gained traction worldwide in recent years. While the concept is relatively new in Macao, it has already become established on the Mainland. There and elsewhere, individuals are already selling products through live video streaming, broadcast via social media platforms, and engaging consumers in real time: a novel and interactive way to conduct business.

IFTM hosted a talk on 3 November by e-commerce expert Mr. Jacky Sin to discuss this emerging trend, and provide students and other attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the concept and its potential.

Mr. Sin, an e-commerce specialist with 15 years of experience, spoke at IFTM’s Mong Ha Campus and drew an audience of around 90, including students, scholars, and individuals interested in the field.

The event, “New Opportunities for Youth Engaging in E-commerce – Macao Cross-border E-commerce Young Talent Training Camp”, was jointly organised by IFTM and local information technology business Macao Newland Technology Co., Ltd. The focus was on providing participants with an overview of the latest industry trends, various e-commerce business models, the scale and operation of the live streaming market, and techniques for becoming an effective live stream presenter or ‘anchor’.

Mr. Sin is the Chief Operating Officer of Macao Newland Global Shopping Cross-border E-Commerce Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Macao Newland. He told attendees the talk was his first experience of cooperation with a local higher education institution, adding it was a good example of “university-industry collaborative education”.

Live streaming e-commerce presents challenges for Macao residents, namely when resorting to social media platforms from the Mainland, explained Mr. Sin, pointing to bureaucratic procedures linked to account registration. While creating a fully-fledged live-streaming business in Macao could be complex, opportunities for using the format for content marketing and short promotional videos, were abundant in the local market, he suggested.

IFTM Lecturer Mr. Ford Lei Chong Fo was one of the talk organisers from the Institute’s side. He led a group of undergraduates enrolled on the Institute’s Digital Marketing course to attend the event. The scholar emphasised the importance of providing students with real-world examples related to digital marketing. “There are highly related concepts between digital marketing and e-commerce live streaming, such as content marketing, data analytics, and social media live streaming strategies,” he said.

The scholar added he hoped that “students understand that while speaking in front of a camera may seem fun and easy, the team behind the scenes works tirelessly” on various aspects – from data analysis to content presentation and audience engagement – in order to make a live streaming business successful.

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