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IFT holds admission talk, school meetings in Shanghai

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A delegation from IFT led by its President, Dr. Fanny Vong, visited Shanghai, in Mainland China, from 26 to 28 April. The visit was part of an initiative to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with schools and education departments in Mainland China, and to promote to prospective students and their families the quality of tourism education at IFT.

One of the highlights of the trip was a talk on 27 April about IFT and admission to the institution. The talk was aimed particularly at prospective students, and covered topics including IFT’s teaching and learning resources, its programmes, facilities and environment.

Among the attendees were the parents of Lu Jiayi, an existing IFT student from Year 1. Her parents shared with the other participants details about their experience of the Institute. They praised IFT’s teaching approach, including its focus on team projects and hands-on learning which they said nurtured student teamwork skills and gave undergraduates a better understanding about their future career prospects. The parents of the Shanghai student also highlighted the numerous exchange opportunities abroad and overseas internship placements provided by the Institute. They stated their daughter enjoyed the learning environment at IFT, namely the good communication between students and scholars.

Another person at the talk was IFT alumnus Mr. Victor Zhu, also from Shanghai. He discussed with participants his experience as a student at IFT and his career following graduation.

On the evening of 27 April, the IFT delegation hosted a dinner for Institute alumni currently based in Shanghai.

The 3-day trip also included visits to Shanghai China Middle School, Shanghai Experimental School and Shanghai Education Examination Institute. The IFT delegation discussed several topics with representatives from each of these institutions, including the benefits of pursuing higher education studies in Macao.

By building closer ties with secondary schools in Shanghai, the IFT management hopes to attract a greater number of quality students from that Mainland Chinese city to study at IFT.

During the trip, the IFT delegation also went to East China Normal University, a partner institution of the Institute. The visitors were received by University Council Vice-President Dr. Wang Rongming and other university representatives. Both sides reviewed the achievements of the partnership and discussed possible areas for future cooperation.

The IFT delegation also included Mr. Antonio Chu, Head of the Technical and Academic Support Division of IFT.