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IFT, Portuguese institution arrange student exchange

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFT joined the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in arranging an international exchange that took students to the Portuguese coastal city of Peniche. The exchange students stayed in Portugal from 7 to 20 July to learn about Portuguese culture and food, and about tourism in the country.

The 16 exchange students attend various institutions of higher education. Among the programme facilitators was IFT Lecturer Mr. Billy Im.

The visiting students listened to lectures, took part in workshops and went on field trips. The programme covered subjects ranging from tourism management to heritage to sustainability to cuisine to art and creativity. The lecturers spoke about new approaches to tourism development and the sprouting of new forms of tourism, such as film tourism, in an effort to persuade students to look at novel ways of drawing tourists.

Among the activities the visiting students engaged in were attending a fair with a mediaeval theme in the mediaeval town of Óbidos, taking a surfing class in Peniche, and going on a winery tour at one of the most premium Quintas (winery) in the country. Other places in Portugal that the students visited included Lisbon; the Berlengas Islands nature reserve; the city of Fátima, to which Catholic pilgrims flock; and Sintra, where the elaborate palaces have earned the town a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tourism in Portugal is growing swiftly, visitors being drawn by the rich history of the country and its natural attractions, prompting the authorities there to make the industry one of the pillars that the economy is built on.

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