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IFT primed to grow greener throughout September

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A series of events promoting environmental sustainability and healthy living is unfolding at IFT during the course of September as the Institute celebrates its annual “Healthy and Green Month”.

Students and staff are invited to take part in a programme of activities arranged by the IFT Environmental Management System Committee. The activities range from a workshop on 19 September, about making room air-fresheners that are harmless to the environment, to a day of cleaning-up the seashore of Taipa and Coloane on 22 September. See the programme of activities at www2.ift.edu.mo/greencampus/index.php/current-events/414-8th-ift-healthy-and-green-month-2019.

One of the highlights of “Healthy and Green Month” is a food demonstration by IFT Chefs Hans Rasmussen and Ronald Gonzales. The event will take place on 20 September at the newly launched Greenhouse Cafe. It will highlight the use of plant-based substitutes for meat in a number of canapé recipes. Findings by international experts say raising livestock for food generates more emissions of greenhouse gases, measured by their equivalent in carbon dioxide, than transport. Raising livestock for food is also considered an important cause of the degradation of land and sources of water.

As part of “Healthy and Green Month”, the Institute is also observing “No Lift Month” in September. During “No Lift Month” students and staff are urged to take the stairs instead of using the lifts. The purpose is to make them more conscious of the importance of saving electricity by doing without the lifts and of taking regular exercise by walking up or down the stairs, so taking care of both their own health and the health of the environment.

IFT will offer physical examinations for anybody interested on 25 September. The Institute is arranging the checkups in partnership with the Macao Sports Bureau. The checkups will be given in the Team Building Amphitheatre on the Mong-Há Campus.

Other features of “Healthy and Green Month” are a campaign to reduce the amount of rubbish generated by consuming takeaway meals and campaigns to cut electricity consumption by switching off electric lights and air conditioners, respectively.

“Healthy and Green Month” is meant to encourage people to protect the environment, to save energy released by burning fuel, to live healthier lives and to work safely. IFT has been observing “Healthy and Green Month” since 2012. Each year about 2,000 people, including students and staff, take part.

One of the commitments of IFT is to treat the environment responsibly. The operations of the Institute are certified under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

IFT also takes part in international efforts to promote environmental sustainability. The Institute observes Earth Hour, which sees non-essential electric lights switched off to draw people’s attention to the threat of climate change.

The IFT educational hotel, the Pousada de Mong-Há, has a Macao Green Hotel Gold Award, the highest award possible, which was first conferred in 2013. The Macao Green Hotel Award scheme is run jointly by the Macao Environmental Protection Bureau and the Macao Government Tourism Office.