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IFTM Introduces New Mobile Application MyIFTM as the Expansion of Smart Campus Project

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IFTM has been striving to expand the scope of IFTM Smart Campus Project in the past two years, aiming to use various advanced technologies to campus resources leading to the realisation of smart management. With the introduction of MyIFTM mobile application released in December 2022, IFTM does open house for its students, faculty members, alumni and even the public to use in the future.

In today’s time, educational institutions require a solution that better manages their students, faculty, administrators, and other resources that are crucial in achieving an institution’s vision and goals. MyIFTM is an application fully capable of handling the workload related to the school management activities. It streamlines measure functionality such as fee collection, course enrolment, class scheduling and application for transcripts and testimonials, etc. MyIFTM facilitates the access to IFTM information and services on mobile devices. It also provides free school management software that allows the Institute to gain more control over their resources while enhancing communication between staff and students with its advanced features anytime and anywhere.

The mobile app is initially designed for all current IFTM undergraduate and postgraduate degree programme students, providing convenience to every user. It is an easy and efficient application allowing users to complete tasks with just a few clicks. Hence, building a foundation for internet-connected services and ensuring room for future growth provides many advantages for the Institute. It helps to improve student experiences and accessibility while using the app. It focuses on user experiences via smart campus technologies that provide inclusive and healthier experiences for students. Meanwhile, the combination of immersive, automated, and interactive technology allows students to personalise their learning and living environments.

In the year 2023, a ‘Venue Booking’ function is expecting to be added to MyIFTM, allowing users to take venue bookings directly with their own devices and on the go. Besides, MyIFTM will further expand its support to communication between the Institute, alumni and all current students. By providing proactive student support services and with always-connected students, the Institute can collect user-generated content for use in outreach efforts, making reputational improvements.

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