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IFTM links with local designers to offer applied illustration course

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Questions such as ‘how to sketch illustrations using digital drawing tools?’ and ‘what are the technical differences between producing illustrations for cultural initiatives and for brand-packaging purposes?’ can now be answered via a new course by IFTM’s School of Continuing Education. It leads to a certificate in professional applied illustration.

The programme is offered in partnership with the Macao Illustrators Association. Classes will be taught by 4 local designers with extensive professional experience in illustration.

One of the instructors is award-winning designer Mr. Jinn Ng. His work includes record-packaging design, branding, event image materials, as well as book design. Mr. Ng was one of the artists selected by the Japanese fashion chain brand UNIQLO for the launch in Macao of an exclusive series of T-shirts designed by local professionals in the creative sector, and that celebrate the city’s unique features.

He will be joined on the IFTM course by animation director and multidisciplinary artist Mr. Jay Lei Pui Weng. He directed the acclaimed animated short film “Lighthouse”, shortlisted for the 2019 Golden Horse Film Festival, in Taipei. Mr. Lei specialises in visual storytelling through a variety of media such as illustration, animation and projection. His professional experience includes work for international creative agencies and clients from Asia and Europe.

Macao-based graphic designer and illustrator Mr. Kun Lam will also be involved in the course as one of its instructors. He is the co-founder of the local graphic design studio Indego Design. Mr. Kun is an accomplished professional, having received a number of awards and other accolades both locally and outside Macao, in the fields of animation, illustration and design.

Illustrator, artist and toy designer Mr. Siomeng Chan completes the instructor line-up for the course. He set up The Dino Workshop company in 2017, and his illustration and graphic design artwork has been featured at a number of international festivals in Europe.

The IFTM course in applied illustration covers a total of 72 hours and is delivered in Cantonese. Classes start on 18 May and run until early August. Topics to be covered range from drawing techniques to tonal arrangements and use of colours. Students will learn how to produce different types of illustrations for professional use, be it for commercial or other purposes.

The enrolment period runs until the end of this month (more details here). Applicants should have basic knowledge of the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software packages. Interested parties are required to submit a digital illustration created by them, as part of the application process.

The programme’s tuition fee is MOP7,200 for Macao resident ID holders. People holding other types of identification document are required to pay a fee of MOP9,360.

Participants that successfully complete the course will receive a certificate issued by IFTM. In addition, upon submission of their relevant artwork and assessment by representatives from the Macao Illustrators Association, students can receive from the association a certificate in professional applied illustration.

The course in applied illustration is part of a batch of new programmes that IFTM’s School of Continuing Education is introducing in May. The body was officially established in the academic year 2019/2020. It took over the work that had, until then, been done by the now-disbanded Tourism and Hotel School.

The School of Continuing Education is focused on lifelong learning. It provides outstanding professional training, meeting the needs of businesses, individuals and society. Such courses, offered at foundation, supervision and/or management levels, are available in a total of 7 fields. They are: hospitality and catering; heritage and tourism; retailing, events and business; creative studies and information technology (IT); health, spa and beauty; language and culture; and personal development.

The School thereby supports the development of cultural and creative industries in Macao via an extensive range of courses and by holding art exhibitions regularly.

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