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IFTM students attend masterclass with top sommeliers

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Wine masterclass gives IFTM students a chance to engage with 2 master sommeliers and gain a deeper understanding of that profession, its nuances, and its crucial role in the hospitality world

A group of students and lecturers from IFTM – including approximately 15 students, as well as faculty members from the Institute’s School of Continuing Education – attended on 20 October a wine masterclass delivered by 2 internationally acclaimed sommeliers. The event aimed not only to empower attendees with knowledge, but also to foster a stronger appreciation for the part sommeliers play in the world of fine dining and wine.

Hong Kong-based master sommeliers Pierre-Marie Pattieu and Arnaud Bardary were the guest speakers for the event, at the Grand Lisboa hotel.

The masterclass was also attended by students from other local institutions. It was jointly organised by the Asia Wine Institute and integrated resort operator SJM Resorts SA, and was part of the “2023 SJM Asia Top Sommelier Summit”, hosted in Macao.

During the event, the guest speakers shared their insights into the role of sommeliers. They delved into various wine regions, provided a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of wine tasting, and offered guidance on the art of wine service.

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