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Parents of Year 1 students praise IFT education

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IFT took parents of its Year 1 students on a tour of its campuses in August. The parents said they were impressed by the teaching and the environment for learning at IFT, and by the availability of opportunities for students to go abroad on exchanges or to undertake internships.

One of the mothers on the tour was Ms. Xie Ran, who has a daughter just beginning the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Event Management programme.

“My daughter loves travel,” Ms. Xie says. “She wanted to get a bachelor degree related to tourism.”

Ms. Xie believes studying at IFT can broaden her daughter’s horizons. “What’s more, I know that there are lots of opportunities for IFT students to go on exchange programmes. I think this is also really attractive.”

English is the medium of instruction of all IFT programmes leading to bachelor degrees, except those taught in evening classes. Ms. Xie says this could help improve her daughter’s English.

Ms. Xie also approves of the requirement for IFT undergraduates to attend practicum classes to do with tourism and hospitality. “I think learning through practicum courses is effective,” she says.

Another parent on the tour was Ms. Zhang Haixia. Ms. Zhang’s daughter is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Event Management. Ms. Zhang remarks that the scholars at IFT are highly qualified and praises the atmosphere for learning at the Institute. She says the tour informed her about the IFT curriculum and the opportunities available at the Institute for her daughter to go on exchanges or undertake internships outside Macao. “These are all precious opportunities for her development,” Ms. Zhang says.

Ms. Zhang expects studying at IFT to improve her daughter’s ability to communicate and to work as part of a team. Employers praise IFT for instilling such qualities in its graduates. “I hope she can develop well in these respects,” Ms. Zhang says. “When people can work well with others, they can succeed in everything they do.”

Yet another on the tour was Mr. Liu Jun. Mr. Liu’s daughter is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Business Management. He said he and his daughter had looked at the ratings of institutions of higher education around the world. “We did some research and found that IFT has achieved good rankings,” he says.

The latest ShanghaiRanking Consultancy Global Ranking of Academic Subjects and the QS World University Rankings by Subject both put IFT among the top 5 Asian institutions of higher education in the fields of tourism and hospitality.

“Studying in Macao is also a way for my child to broaden her horizons,” Mr. Liu says. “What’s more, she is interested in tourism.”

Mr. Liu approves of the quality at the Institute of educational resources and expects their availability to benefit his daughter. “We see IFT as a very suitable place for her,” he says.

The parents toured both the IFT Mong-Há Campus – where they ate lunch at the Windows Cafeteria, the canteen for staff and students – and the IFT Taipa Campus.

IFT has enrolled 487 new students in academic year 2019/20, from 36 countries and regions. Most of the new undergraduates from outside Macao are Mainland Chinese.

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