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Quality of IFTM master’s degree programmes entices Macao professionals to keep studying

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFTM’s master’s degree programmes have been strong in attracting many Macao professionals to further their studies at the Institute. Postgraduate students praise the quality of education at IFTM, and acknowledge the approach the Institute takes to teaching and learning.

Ms. Queenie Lo Kuan Mei graduated from IFTM some years ago, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Business Management. She is now in the second year of study for a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management and her decision to further her studies was influenced by her experiences as undergraduate at the Institute.

“I had been longing for IFTM to start offering master’s degree programmes,” Ms. Lo says. “Once I received the master’s programme promotion email from IFTM, I immediately applied for it.”

Ms. Lo praises the programme’s curriculum, which she says is “quite comprehensive”. She points out that the course content is “very up-to-date, covering the latest trends and concepts in hospitality and tourism”. Students are offered courses on management, together with modules on specialised tourism and hospitality topics, she adds.

Ms. Lo is an administrative staff member of another local higher education institute: she believes the content of the master’s degree programme at IFTM is relevant to her work. “The knowledge I am acquiring via this programme can help me improve my professional performance,” she says.

IFTM began offering postgraduate programmes in academic year 2019/2020. The Institute now has programmes leading to master’s degrees in International Hospitality Management, International Tourism Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and International Food and Beverage Management. There is also a programme that leads to a Master of Science in International Gastronomy Management, which will be offered in academic year 2021/2022.

Another IFTM graduate who is now taking a master’s degree programme at the Institute is Mr. Tony Wong Hoi Ham. He is in the second year of the programme that leads to a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He is full of praise for the quality of teaching at IFTM. Mr. Wong highlights the fact that the curriculum for the master’s degree programme pays particular attention to Macao. “All study is related to the industry, with a strong practical focus,” he says.

Having graduated from IFTM some 8 years ago, Mr. Wong is now a civil servant. “After I graduated, I began searching for a master’s degree programme to further my studies, but I could not find a suitable one for me,” he says. “I knew IFTM had been planning for this programme for a long time, so I enrolled immediately once it was launched.”

The postgraduate programmes at IFTM appeal not just to alumni of the Institute. Graduates of other institutions are attracted by the Institute’s offering. That is the case for Mr. Jack Ng Heng Fai, who is studying for the degree of Master of Science in International Hospitality Management. Mr. Ng decided to study at IFTM because of its international ratings. “IFTM is a very well-known tertiary education institution,” he says.

Another advantage highlighted by Mr. Ng is that English is the medium of instruction in IFTM’s postgraduate programmes. He says this makes students become more proficient in English by having to communicate in that language.

Mr. Ng expresses satisfaction with his choice of IFTM as the place to further his studies. “The high quality of teaching was what impressed me the most,” he says. He describes the scholars at the Institute as having a “strong background in hospitality and working experience in the industry, as well as close connections with hoteliers and senior executives”. He says their teaching helps students gain a proper understanding of how the tourism and hospitality industries work.

Another attraction of studying at IFTM, Mr. Ng says, is its multicultural environment, bringing together people from various parts of the world, which helps develop the cultural competences of students. “At IFTM, I can broaden my horizons with different cultures and perspectives,” he says.

Looking ahead, Mr. Ng hopes holding a master’s degree awarded by IFTM can boost the development of his career by improving his competitiveness in the job market. “Studying in the master’s degree programme at IFTM has enabled me to be more strategic and analytical in my thinking, and at the same time be creative but practical in building up solutions.”