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Students hold orienteering contest to improve event management skills

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A group of Year 3 IFTM students in the English-language stream of the Tourism Event Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme hosted an orienteering event in the first semester of this academic year. The aim was to improve their event management skills and know-how.

The undergraduates arranged the event as part of their classwork for the ‘Event Management: Hosting an Event’ course, taught by Lecturer Dr. Ubaldino Couto.

The course focuses on the practical knowledge and skills necessary to plan, organise and hold an event. It also emphasises the importance of post-event evaluation.

The event put on by the students was called “Go-Go-Goal 2021”. It took place on the IFTM Mong-Há Campus, running for 2 days in November. The event combined an orienteering contest with an anime theme. Other IFTM students, alumni of the Institute and members of the public attended.

The purpose was 2-fold: to motivate those taking part to exercise regularly and keep fit; and to correct the misconception that anime is a form of harmful entertainment and to show that it can convey positive messages.

The net proceeds of the event were given to the Macau Special Olympics charity. The organisation, established in 1983, cares for people with intellectual disabilities, promoting better physical and mental health through sport.

Sponsorship for Go-Go-Goal 2021 was obtained by the students from Macao businesses including 6cm Bakery, Amazing Club, Mung Animation, Soothland, Hanakudo, Flour N Butter, Romanpic, Aquarius and LOOP.

The original planning for the Go-Go-Goal project was scheduled to feature several side activities in the lead up to the main event, to create a buzz and raise funds. The students decided to scale down the number of side activities to comply with the precautionary measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisers still put on a festive sale of mooncakes to raise money for charity, and an online party with a Halloween theme.