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Students host games afternoon to hone event management know-how

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A group of Year 3 IFT Tourism Event Management students organised in April a games afternoon, featuring group games, charades and other fun-filled challenges. The undergraduates arranged the event as part of their ‘Event Management: Hosting an Event’ course, taught by Lecturer Mr. Ubaldino Couto.

The games afternoon, on 28 April, took place at the IFT Mong-Há Campus.

‘Event Management: Hosting an Event’ aims to allow students to gain the practical knowledge and skills necessary for the successful planning, organisation and implementation of an event. The course has a strong emphasis on project management, including providing participants with tools to plan, budget and schedule in an effective manner an event. The course also emphasises efficient allocation of resources, human resource management and project progress monitoring.

The games afternoon was organised around the theme ‘Talentactics’. It attracted the participation of approximately 60 people. Participants were asked to use their physical, sensory and intellectual skills, and to work in groups, in order to complete a series of challenges.

Talentactics was funded by sponsorships and 2 fund-raising side events. They were hosted respectively in February and March. Local jewellery chain O’Che 1867 was the games afternoon’s title sponsor.

The net profit of MOP12,000 generated by Talentactics was donated to local charity Macau Child Development Association. The group provides support to children with neurodevelopmental, communication, psycho-emotional, learning or movement disorders.

The student-organised, hands-on project was part of IFT’s established, innovative approach to teaching, whereby theory and practice are integrated. The curriculum at the Institute emphasises project-based learning. Students are invited to experience real situations and confront real challenges by undertaking hands-on projects, thereby developing pan-curricular skills while collaborating in groups.

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