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Students stage vegetarian dinner to gain event management experience

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A group of Year 2 IFT Tourism Event Management students organised in November a dinner comprising vegetarian dishes. The students arranged the event as part of their Supervised Work Experience course.

The dinner, on 22 November, took place at the IFT Educational Restaurant.

Supervised Work Experience aims to allow students to gain practical experience in the field of event management under the supervision of a faculty member. The course seeks to develop and expand the planning, communication, management, and creative skills of students, in a ‘real-life’ environment, stimulating their ability to make effective decisions.

“The students learned a great lesson about the importance of planning and communication during the preparation process” for an event, says Course Lecturer Mr. Billy Im.

He adds: “The dinner was simply about a single evening from all the guests’ viewpoint; but it took the students 3 months to organise it, including concept formulation, budgeting, seeking of sponsorship, menu design, sales and marketing. We are glad to see them initiating a simple yet appealing core theme of the event, which is in line with the green initiatives of IFT.”

The dinner was organised around the theme H.O.M.E. – Health, Organic, Morality and Environment. The activity advocated protecting the environment via reduction of meat consumption. Guests were also entertained by performers during the event.

The dinner was funded by ticket sales and sponsorships. In line with the activity’s concept, the net profit of almost MOP10,000 was donated to local animal welfare group Anima – Society for the Protection of Animals.

The student-organised, hands-on project was part of IFT’s established, innovative approach to teaching, whereby theory and practice are integrated. The curriculum at the Institute emphasises project-based learning. Students are invited to experience real situations and confront real challenges by undertaking hands-on projects, thereby developing pan-curricular skills while collaborating in groups.

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