Launch of New Website 🎉🌐 圖書館新網站已經推出

We are delighted to announce that the brand new website of IFTM Library is launched!

The new website is not only an upgrade on the look, with a library-oriented approach, it is easier and more efficient for users to look for information. Feel free to explore the site and let us know what you think!





Citation Tools 引文工具Patent Tools 專利工具


Citation Tools 引文工具






**重要更新 : EndNote 的 APA 第7版 引文格式已供讀者使用, 點擊 ->此處 按所示步驟來為你的EndNote 安裝最新 APA引文格式.



EndNote 為整合研究、寫作和發表的工具,利用EndNote使用者無需花費大量時間處理論文格式或依出版品的書目格式編排論文,EndNote已為數百萬的研究人員、學術作者、學生及圖書館員所廣泛使用。








選擇對應的電腦作業系統並登入iftm帳號來下載 Endnote (版本比較表).




EndNote 提供 Find Full Text 功能,可協助查找個人Endnote library中所儲存的參考文獻之全文並自動下載。如需使用相關功能,請先進行以下設定.


1. 工具列點選 Edit → Preferences


2. 點選左側「Find Full Text」。先將上方四個選項全部打勾。


3. 將 OpenURL Path 輸入:


4.將 Authenticate with 輸入:,點選「OK」完成。



以上步驟只需要設定一次。偏好設定完成後,選取所有要查詢全文的文獻,點選右鍵 → Find Full Text → Find Full Text 即可。



這功能受限於學院所訂購的資料庫及其他技術問題,Endnote 有機會只能找到文章的連結或甚至未能提供。這種情況發生時,請透過學術搜索平臺或其他資料庫下載全文PDF並附加在參考文獻內即可。 








Patent Tools 專利工具





Derwent Innovation


Derwent Innovation基於德溫特世界專利索引 (Derwent World Patents Index,簡稱DWPI) 而打造,資料涵蓋來自50多個專利授權機構及2個防禦性公開的非專利文獻。通過提供覆蓋全球範圍其中包括亞太地區專利的英文專利資訊,DWPI可以向您展現出創新活動的完整圖景。DWPI還採用獨特的分類代碼和索引系統,技術專家採用該方法對全球各大專利授權機構和所有技術領域的專利進行人工的分類標引,遵循一致的分類原則,以實現準確、具有相關性的資訊檢索。



資料庫的使用帳號: 請向圖書館館員查詢或經 "詢問館員" 線上表格索取.




Learning Resources




Innography's PatentScout™ delivers critical patent data from a private, web-based platform. Access patent data where needed in your organization, without the loss of privacy and search logging associated with free patent search tools.


The visualizations available in PatentScout® is interactive and dynamic, which is especially useful for determining where to perform further analysis. The data behind each point can be viewed in detail and further analyzed, providing drill-in capabilities and recursive analyses to any level of granularity.

  • Same patent data available as Innography® • Includes keyword and semantic search • QuickView of patents and downloads • Unlimited, enterprise-use for anyone in your organization, no login or seat assignments required • Can be configured to have display of claims in either an “on” or “off” mode at the account level • Protects your IP research strategy from public data gathering (as opposed to “free” search tools) • Includes convenient “find more like this” feature when a patent of interest has been identified


Steps by steps to create your user account, check this Manual