Course Code HCUL111
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

HCUL111 is an introductory course to the gastronomic world. This is not to be confused with culinary although there is a great deal of overlap. Food is not only a basic need for humans; it’s preparation, and consumption are daily activities which are also replete with different meanings and implications; it also projects one’s social and cultural status.

 Exploring the relationship between food and culture is a good way to explore the nature of gastronomic culture – especially in the areas of how humans socialise. This is also true of recent times particularly in context of a converging modern society. What, how, where and when one eats indeed all carry with it different cultural meanings.

 In summary this course examines the cultural and social factors as well as customs that combine to create a gastronomic identity as well as its own, often recognisable cuisine. On top of this, the course explores potential career development, opportunities, terminologies, history, and tastes. This course will also cover the various environmental and cultural forces as well as social trends that have affected or will affect gastronomy and the culinary profession in general.