Course Code HCUL112
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

An introductory culinary course that will provide a student foundation and techniques of Food Preparation. The student is to develop the basic knowledge which includes vocabulary, technique and skill in the class, to be provided in lectures. This will be accompanied by practical exercises and exams that will develop the student’s capacity to understand basics in stocks, sauces, soups, vegetables and starches. Students are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and are held accountable for their practices, actions and attitudes in the classroom.


This class provides a context for the exposure to the theory of what will be practiced in the kitchen this semester. It will provide understanding and knowledge as to why things are done the way they are in the practical side of the kitchen.


The theoretical framework encompasses a series of lectures on the principles and basics of stocks, sauces, soups, vegetables and starches. Vocabulary, introductory work, and ability to read recipes will prepare the student for the upcoming kitchen projects, final and practical.


The students will use the text in addition to regular weekly assignment to insure development and learning techniques. The teaching will go in steps of lecture, demonstration then preparation. As the class progress the students will be paired in teams for more advanced recipes and time consuming techniques.