Course Code HCUL116
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 10

A foundation culinary course, that will provide a student with a foundation and techniques of Garde Manger. Also serve as the practical class of Food Product Knowledge II. The student is to develop the basic knowledge which includes vocabulary, technique and skill in the class, to be provided in lectures, practical exercises and exams that will develop the student’s capacity to understand the art and the craft of the cold kitchen. Especially introduce Macanese cuisine culture and recipes. Students can incoporate Macanese element into the dish design. Students are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and are held accountable for their practices, actions and attitudes in the classroom.


This class provides a context for the exposure, demonstration and development of an individual’s understanding and skills as required for operational duties in Garde Manager.  Students will be told of the need to demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm and involvement to ensure success in the course. This explains the importance placed on their level of attendance and participation throughout the course.


The theoretical framework encompasses a series of lectures on the principles of Garde Manager starting with the basic introduction of the History of Garde Manager. The vocabulary, introductory work, and ability to read recipes will prepare the student for the upcoming kitchen projects, final and practical.