Course Code HCUL413
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

This course aims to explore the history of how humans have produced, cooked and consumed food, from the prehistoric times to present. How early civilizations have arisen and fell apart by terroir and human impact. The scope of this course is to cover civilizations and cultures of Asia, America, Africa and Europe and how food and food rituals have been used to characterize certain cultural aspects of our daily lives.

The course will also cover the culture of food and why humans make some food choices and the relation that has with past culture developments. Food practices will be used to reveal cultures as a whole, because humans make conscious choices about food within a person's social environment. These choices reveal who we are and where we fit socially, politically, religiously, and philosophically.

A final chapter on Macanese Food & Culture is also included where media, demo cooking and food tasting will be used to better understand the idiosyncrasies of such cuisine.  

Classes will combine lecture and discussion. Class participation - regular attendance and participation in discussion - will count strongly towards the final grade.