Course Code HMGT217
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

This course aims to develop an understanding of the management of catering within the context of events from planning to the operational stage. Students have the opportunity to apply what they learn and put their hands on an actual event. Various areas in terms of operational characteristics as well as organizational structure will be studied as follows: operations (Food & Beverage), sales and marketing, public relation, finance, human resources, general management, logistics and IT. Up-to-date notions such as various forms of the modern catering operation, productivity as well as dietary concern will be addressed. 

Throughout the semester, students will also acquire soft skills such as presentation, interpersonal, teamwork and cultural integration. Presentation skills will be developed through weekly showcasing of progress to the lecturer and other classmates. Interpersonal skills will be acquired through exposition to all the stakeholders of the project: customers, sponsors, suppliers and beneficiaries. Teamwork skills will be mainly developed during this course as the project is based on small teams working under the supervision of a management duo. All reporting lines of the structure are based on small teams working together. Cultural integration skills will be acquired through exposure to various cultural aspects of the project, be it in the food preparation, targeted audience or participation of exchange students.

At the end of the course, students will also be able to apply those planning and control measures through a practical application i.e. they will host an event.