Course Code MGMT411
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

This course introduces the use of scientific methods in the formulation and solution of tourism, hospitality and related business management problems. It emphasizes the process of designing, conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and applying of research methods as a means to support management decisions.  In this course, concepts and theories of research methods will be covered with an applied approach.

The traditional classroom lectures and discussions of research methods will be supplemented with exercises and assignments. The exercises and assignments are designed to help make the theory and concepts of research make more sense, and last longer in your memory through practice.

Marketing research will be used as a guideline for the domain of study. The rationale behind this is that a great variety of research methods have been applied in marketing. Students will be able to benefit from the well-developed research practices in the field of marketing. However, special interest will be placed on content related to tourism management, hotel management, heritage management, event management, and retail management.