Course Code MKTG214
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

This course introduces basic elements of service operations management functions specific to the retail industries. Various service factors that affect success of retail establishments will be explored and discussed, for instance, key service elements, service system design / service blueprint /experience design, execution of effective and efficient interpersonal relationship with customers and enhancement of customer relationships. The abovementioned measures help to comprehend organizational significance of service operations management in maximizing both internal and external customer satisfactions and profitability of retailers.

Another equally important perspective is to understand the customers. This course will also touch on topics such as customer relation management, service gap management, service failure and recovery.

Samples of best practices of leading retailers and other service companies in the world will be used as case study to understand service management in the retail environment. Both operation theories and practical applications will be investigated through the use of readings, case study, guest lecturer, and field investigation, from retail chains and team projects.