Course Code TSMT313
Credits 3.00
Hours / Week 3

Attractions are basic components of the tourism industry, which provide the motivation for leisure tourists to travel away from their home in search of positive experiences at specific sites. Attractions can be natural or human-made, serving as places of recreation, education, personal development and cultural contact. However, a successful attraction consists of more than an attractive place and a set of activities. The success of an attraction relies on the application of strategies of development and management that take into account the expectations of visitors, the goals of the management and the impact on the local context, among other factors.

This subject introduces students to the fundamentals of the development and management of attractions. Through this subject, students will gain an understanding of the nature of different attractions and the issues that are of particular importance in attractions management. Typologies and hierarchy of attractions will be discussed. The coursework provides an introduction to a range of management techniques and a critical understanding of how different techniques apply to different types of attractions. Students will also attain a framework for understanding and modeling visitor behavior and motivations.

By the end of this subject, students must be able to demonstrate comprehension of issues in the development and management of attractions and to apply this understanding to formulating development and management strategies for attractions of different types. They should have the critical ability and vocabulary to explain the reasons behind decisions they have made in putting together such strategies. Students are expected to develop an ability to assess site and destination characteristics, including a comprehension and application of the concept of carrying capacity, visitors' motives, expereinces, wants, needs and satisfactions. They should also be able to assess alternative means of managing visitors' attractions (on and off site).