Enhanced Career Prospects

IFTM places strong emphasis on the employability of its graduates. Our bachelor degree graduates are among the most sought-after in Macao and the surrounding regions, as employers value their skills, motivation and resourcefulness. As Macao pursues its vision of being a World Tourism and Leisure Centre, IFTM’s courses are best positioned to nurture the talented professionals that will help make this vision a reality. An education at the Institute is the first step on a path to a successful career in the tourism and hospitality sector in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Culinary Arts Management

On completing the programme, graduates gain a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of subjects including practical cooking techniques and advanced management skills. The knowledge and skills available via this course are of great value in developing each student’s new career or enhancing their chosen one: whether they wish to be trained chefs in hotels or restaurants, or wish to work in hospitality industry management. The programme is diverse and rich in content, and will appeal particularly to students with an entrepreneurial spirit and those who wish to have their own business one day.

Heritage Management

This programme equips graduates with the core knowledge and skills to meet the multiple challenges of contemporary heritage management. Possible career paths on graduation from the course include: conservation, cultural management, cultural tourism, museum management and public education. Students learn the various ways the concept of cultural heritage contributes towards economic, social and environmental development. This makes IFTM graduates specially suited for professions related to community, cultural and urban development, heritage-based tourism, and cultural industries, in both public and private sectors.

Hotel Management

Career options upon graduation from this programme are diverse, as it is highly respected in the industry. Its graduates often join a fast track to management positions. The course opens employment opportunities in housekeeping, food and beverage services, front office operations, sales and human resources roles. With Macao’s tourism industry boom attracting large international hospitality chains to the city, job prospects for Hotel Management graduates are wide, including opportunities to develop a career with a global company.

Tourism Business Management

The range of management, marketing and communication skills learned by graduates of this programme makes them highly employable across a number of tourism-related fields – high demand for such skills exists locally and overseas, both in the private and the public sectors. Not only is tourism the largest single industry in Macao, but it is also the largest single industry in the world. As such, this course opens extensive employment opportunities, namely in tourism planning and development, travel and tourism business, aviation, administration and education.

Tourism Event Management

Students enjoy excellent opportunities to enter a field that is not only growing, but is also quite diverse. Graduates could be asked to manage events for large corporate businesses; for government or government agencies; or for educational or small not-for-profit organisations. Tasks for such graduates can include the design, organisation and coordination of festivals; conferences; corporate meetings; exhibitions; weddings; or product launches. Programme graduates seeking employment in Macao can enjoy good career prospects as the Government pushes for the development of the city’s conference and events industry.

Tourism Retail and Marketing Management

Job opportunities abound for graduates of this programme. They include: in-store operations; marketing and public relations work; buying; merchandising roles; and consultancy in consumer analysis. The growing presence in Macao of world-renowned retailers has generated new demand for knowledgeable managers. Such managers need skills to deal with consumers searching for ever keener value and ever higher service quality. The programme prepares students to succeed in the fast paced, constantly evolving retail sector, equipping them with skills in management, marketing, operations, logistics and customer service.