Tuition Fee of Academic Year 2022/2023

Programme Macao students
with BIR
Students from China (including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan region) Students from other places
Bachelor's Degree  MOP37,500/year MOP57,500/year MOP71,500/year

1. Students are charged on programme fee basis. A student is required to settle the full programme tuition fee even if s/he has credit exemption or can complete the whole programme before the end of the normal study period.
2. After the normal study duration, the tuition fee will be calculated based on credits.
3. IFTM will provide a one-time tuition fee reduction of MOP6,000.00 to local freshmen (Macao ID card holders) registered in academic year 2022/2023. After the reduction, the tuition fee for academic year 2022/2023 is MOP31,500 which is payable in two installments. For the subsequent academic years, students are required to pay the original tuition fee.
4. Fees are subject to annual review.

Tuition fee settlement

Payment Details
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