01.What can I learn at IFTM?Expand
02.What programmes does IFTM offer?Expand
03.If I have completed IFTM’s evening Diploma Programme, is there any possibility to top up to a relevant Bachelor Degree Programme?Expand
04.How are the classes arranged?Expand
05.What is the medium of instruction?Expand
06.Has IFTM achieved global recognition?Expand
07.Do IFTM students have the opportunity to perform internship in other places?Expand
08.Is overseas exchange programme available?Expand
09.Can evening programme students apply for exemption from the practicum and internship?Expand
10.Can IFTM graduates further their studies in other places?Expand
11.Does IFTM offer postgraduate programmes?Expand
12.What are my career prospects after graduation?Expand
13.What facilities are there at IFTM?Expand
14.Is there any hostel for students?Expand
15.Is there scholarship for NEW students?
Is there any scholarship for overseas internship or exchange programmes?Expand
16.Is there any past examination paper for reference?Expand
17.How can I check my application status?Expand
18.Is there any Halal canteen or menu at IFTM?Expand
19.How is a student with allergy to alcohol being assessed in Wine Studies?Expand
20.What is the admission score line for Mainland applicants? Can I apply for IFTM bachelor degree programmes if there is no English score in my National College Entrance Examination results?Expand
21.How can I apply for IFTM programmes in mainland China?Expand
22.Can retake students of the National College Entrance Examination apply for IFTM programmes?Expand
23.I’m a mainland applicant. Do I have to go to Macao to attend the English oral interview?Expand
24.What is the “Applicant Number in National College Entrance Examination” in the application form for Mainland applicants?Expand
25.What are the contacts of Mainland recruitment offices?Expand