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IFT continues its effort to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking across all of its bachelor degree programmes
12/1/2016 2976/044REL/RP/16

The Institute for Tourism Studies(IFT) has integrated entrepreneurship course since 2015 in its entire bachelor degree programmes, namely Culinary Arts Management, Heritage Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Business Management, Tourism Event Management and Tourism Retail and Marketing Management. This fits the agenda set by the Macao SAR Government to stimulate the diversification of our local economy as well as stimulate innovation via entrepreneurship. The course leader Dr. Fernando Lourenço developed this course aiming to expand the career perspectives of the students and motivate them towards entrepreneurship via hands-on activities as well as inviting a wide range of entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the students during the course.


IFT would like to thank the following guest speakers and companies:

Le Bistro Marcellinho​ (Roberto Souza​), Macau 14134 (Niza Luis), Dimitri Io, LinaLenço Dessert​ (Lídia Lourenço​), Yummy Macau & Macau ECOnscious​ (Gilberto Camacho​), Macau Wake Trace​ (Ricki Sio​), Seapower (Patrick Ting)​, Macao International Etiquette Cultural Association​(Jeanette Chan​), Grow uP eSports​, Virtualmente​, OGVR​ (Fernando Pereira), The Industry and Commerce Association of Macau,  PartY La Babee, White Picture Productions​ and Felice ​(Oliver Fa and Dice Leong​), ​ Fafafa Florist (Tracy Wong), Live and Love Macau​ (Katya Maia​ and Sally Victoria Benson​) and 2Legit​ Barbershop and Ink (Luís Lourenço​).


The Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao (IFT) was established in 1995, and offers the most extensive range of tourism and hospitality-related bachelor degree programmes in Macao. Annually, approximately 20,000 participants attend its vocational and professional training courses. IFT collaborates with 101 universities and tourism organisations around the world, and has strong links with 500 leading tourism and hospitality corporations worldwide that provide internship opportunities to IFT students. IFT was the first institution to be accredited by the UNWTO.TedQual Certification System for tourism education, and now has 8 bachelor degree programmes with this certification. Currently, the Institute has the greatest number of bachelor degree programmes certified under that system of any tertiary education establishment worldwide. IFT has received the Medal of Merit in Tourism from the Macao SAR Government, and has twice won the Gold Award in ‘Education and Training’ from PATA.



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