15/10/2009: Free Shuttle Bus and Hotel information has been added on FAQs page.

Registration for non-paper presenters is available until 15 November 2009.

Macao Residents can register at a special rate. Please see the Registration page for details.

02/09/2009: You can now register at the discounted rate until 13 September 2009.

Additional travel related information has been added to FAQs page.

27/07/2009: Deadline for full paper submission has been extended to 07 August 2009.

27/07/2009: Deadline for scholarship application (postgradute students only) has been extended to 07 August 2009. Scholarship information is available here.

06/07/2009: Author(s) must submit a declaration form. See Submission page for more.

06/07/2009: Deadline for full paper submission for inclusion in the APJTR has been extended. Visit Dates page for more.

06/07/2009: Detailed requirements about journal publication is available here.

06/07/2009: Deadline for full registration has been extended. Visit Registration page for more.