Venue: Grand Hall, IFT

Organiser(s): IFT Heritage Studies Centre

Finding and keeping "the spirit of place" has always been a major concern for most conservationists in preserving and restoring a physical structure. The spirit of place conveys the cultural essence of a site. It encompasses the meanings of a place accrued through time and its past and present uses. Expressed through the built heritage, these intangible heritage values give the place its distinctive character, an aura that draws people to the place, speaks to them; engages their emotions and, often, provides them with a sublime experience of their surroundings.

In this 90-minutes public lecture, Mr Laurence Loh Kwong Yu acquainted the participants with how conservation of a physical structure articulated its spirit of place.

Laurence was a Malaysia-based architect, an award-winning building conservationist and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) site evaluator for the World Heritage Sites of Macao and Kaiping, PRC.