Preserving the Philippines' Cultural Heritage: Milestones and Challenges

Venue: Grand Hall, IFT

Speaker: Ivan Anthony S. Henares

The cultural heritage of the Republic of the Philippines is a result of the diverse synergy of indigenous agricultural systems, vernacular architecture, historic trade routes, urban planning during the Spanish and American colonial periods, the development of architecture & design for an independent nation, and experiences with natural disasters. The country's built heritage also has to face human-made challenges, as policy makers and stakeholders are just beginning to understand the value of heritage conservation to urban development and nation-building.

In this lecture, Mr Henares examined Philippines' cultural heritage conservation initiatives and discussed restoration efforts after Typhoon Haiyan and the Bohol earthquake. In recent years, many historic towns and cities are beginning to understand the importance of preserving built heritage and historic downtowns in urban development. There have been conscientious and systematic efforts to ensure the restoration, conservation and physical rehabilitation of heritage sites in the Philippines.

About the Speaker

Ivan Anthony Henares is the President of Heritage Conservation Society, an expert member of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC), a trustee of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation and Secretary of the NCCA National Committee on Monuments and Sites.