Cluster Training-of-Trainers Workshop for the Cultural Heritage Specialist Guides Programme

Advanced Planning for National Implementation of CHSG Programme within the Framework of the UNESCO Regional Knowledge/Skills Standards

Venue: Borobudur Temple Compounds, Central Java, Indonesia

Organiser(s): IFT, UNESCO Jakarta, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia

List of Participants:

Brunei: Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Museums Department

China: Dujiangyan City Cultural Relics Bureau, Dujiangyan World Heritage Management Office

Indonesia: The Office of Archaeological Heritage Conservation Office Central Java; Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia; Center for Tourism Studies, Gadjah Mada University; Indonesian Heritage Trust; Senthir "The Youth Spirit of Jogjakarta Heritage"; Indonesian Heritage Trust; UNESCO Jakarta

Philippines: Department of Tourism

Malaysia: Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM); Penang Heritage Trust (PHT); Tourism Services Division, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia; Licensing Division, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Timor Leste: Ministry of Education