Training-of-Trainers Workshop for Mount Lushan World Heritage Site

Venue: Room I-304-05, IFT

Participants: The Administration Bureau of Mt. Lushan Scenic Historic Spots – Mount Lushan World Heritage Office, Jiangxi, China

IFT provided a three-day training workshop to the experts at Mount Lushan World Heritage Office. This customised training is part of the Cultural Heritage Specialist Guides Programme and it is aimed at building the capacity of heritage professionals to bring about the professionalisation of World Heritage guiding and interpretation at the Mount Lushan World Heritage site.

About the Cultural Heritage Specialist Guides Programme

In response to concerns of high-impact tourism at World Heritage sites in Asia, Asian Academy of Heritage Management (AAHM) launched the Cultural Heritage Specialist Guides Programme in 2005. This rigorous, practical and internationally-recognised training and certification programme was implemented through active partnerships between the members of AAHM, UNESCAP, APETIT and National Tourism Organizations (NTOs), with the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) serving as the Knowledge Management Hub and UNESCO providing the technical advisory.