Purpose of the Grant

The aim of this IFT initiative is to bring in talents from all around the world to help build up a strong research base at IFT. The Institute will provide not only monetary support for sound research plans but also an exciting exchange opportunity for overseas scholar to experience tourism development in the heart of Asia and witness the swift current of changes that have yet to take place in the west of the Pearl River Delta-Macao.

Recent times saw Macao open up its 40-year long monopolized gaming sector to attract foreign investors who are expected to redefine the gaming industry and expand the tourism market base. This speaks volumes about the increasing importance of the tourism industry in Macao and the determination of the government to develop this strategic sector. Being a public institution in Macao offering tertiary education programmes in tourism and hospitality, the Institute is committed to developing a pool of high caliber personnel to answer to the growing demands of the industry. To achieve this, the Institute recognizes the need to establish a sound research base because strong research is the key to the enhancement and updating of knowledge that is central to human resource development.

Conditions of Receiving the Grant

To make any research and cultural exchange effort fruitful, it is important that the grant receiver spends a period of time in Macao and three months, either in the fall (September – December) or spring semester (February – May), can normally serve the purpose. A period shorter than this is negotiable. During this time, the grant receiver will be granted access to the Institute’s facilities such as the library and computer laboratory to conduct research. Accommodation will be provided at the Institute’s training hotel or student hostel. To aid in the research process, research assistants can easily be recruited among the Institute’s senior students.

In order to allow for opportunities of knowledge and cultural exchange, IFT will assign a local academic staff member to participate in the research. The role of this staff member can be agreed upon with the grant receiver before the start of the project. In return, the receiver is requested to teach one undergraduate course of his/her specialization during the stay. The course will normally last for 30 hours spread in one semester. If the stay of the researcher is shorter than this, alternative teaching assignment will be arranged.


These grants are for:

  • Overseas scholars with proven teaching and research track in the areas of tourism and hospitality
  • Postgraduate students with research capability who are eager to embark on an academic career and to gain some research and teaching experience in Asia Pacific

The Grant

The amount of the grant will depend on the research proposal submitted. The grant can be as high as USD12,500. Amounts exceeding this could merit further consideration depending on the relevance and importance of the topic. The Research Grant Committee of the Institute will analyze the proposals and select winning ones based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the research to the Asia-Pacific region, with special emphasis on Macao
  • The ability of the research to generate feasible suggestions and recommendations for policy-making concerning the local tourism sector
  • The applicant? past achievement
  • Justification of the budget proposed

Preferred Topics

Topics of relevance to Asia Pacific, with special reference to Macao, will be on the top of the preference list. The following are some suggestions:

  • Integrated tourism development in the Pearl River Delta
  • The impact of gaming industry on the society
  • MICE and event management in the Asia Pacific
  • Tourism demand forecasting system
  • Professional training and education needs in the region
  • E-tourism
  • Tourism destination management and marketing
  • Competitive analysis of Macao and other gaming destinations
  • Heritage resource management
  • Cultural tourism
  • Hotel management related topics

Guideline for Application

Interested parties should send in an application letter and proposal for consideration. The proposal should contain the following information:

  • Project title
  • Objective
  • Relevance to Asia Pacific and Macao
  • Scope of research
  • Time frame
  • Budget (please see guideline for preparing budget below)
  • CV of applicant and co-researcher (where appropriate), indicating academic qualification, industry experience, institutional affiliation and courses that can be delivered by the applicant(s). Normally, it is suggested that the research team be composed of not more than 2 overseas scholars.
  • A list of publication and samples of selected publication

Guideline for Preparing the Budget

In order for the panel to make the best grant decisions, applicants should strive to prepare realistic budgets, describing the need for and planned use of the funds requested for separate items in each budget category. Applications should not be made to obtain funds to finance a bigger research project, whether on-going or planned.

We aim to attract applications for projects that can be done within USD12,500 but budgets that add up to USD12,499 or a flat USD 12,500 will appear to us that the applicant is trying to get as much out of the grant as possible rather than basing his calculations on real research needs.

The grant is aimed to cover direct costs of the research, including field work, survey and materials costs, and part but not all, of the applicant’s full-time salary. Travels for research purpose should be justified on strong grounds. The following table offers some reference to the researcher’s remuneration that IFT offers but IFT will counter propose alternative rates based on the applicant’s qualification where appropriate.

Researcher’s allowance per month

Grade Minimum requirement 1* 2 3 4 5
Professor Ph.D, substantial research output and leadership in respective field USD2396 2521 2645 2770 2894
Associate Professor Ph.D, substantial research output 2023 2132 2241 2349
Assistant Professor Ph.D, at least 4 years as lecturer 1680 1774 1867 1960
Lecturer Masters Degree, at least 2 years' teaching experience 1338 1416 1494
Teaching Assistant Postgraduate student 1089 1151

*the horizontal scale indicates progression in seniority and normally, 2 years’experience is required for each progression.

Receiving the Grant

Researcher’s remuneration which will be paid directly to the researcher after professional tax deduction. All other expenses incurred as a result of conducting the research will be settled directly by the Institute or reimbursed to the researcher upon production of valid invoices, indicating clearly the amount spent and the purpose, but which should have been budgeted for in the proposal.

The receiver should bear his/her own air transportation, meal, insurance and other expenses during the stay in Macao.

Copyright and Dissemination of the Research Project

IFT will be entitled to the copyright of the research project and can publish, print or reprint part or all of it thereafter in the name of the Institute for Tourism Studies. However, this does not relinquish the proprietary rights of the author(s).

About Macao SAR, P. R. China

Please visit the website of the Macao Government Tourist Office (http://www.macautourism.gov.mo).


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