Relax and enjoy the beauty of our hostel

Single Occupancy

There are a limited number of comfy Single Occupancy Rooms provided in East Asia Hall, they are an ideal choice for residents who prefer a private living environment.

Twin-sharing Room

East Asia Hall provides fully furnished Twin-sharing Rooms.

“Hostel life at IFTM depends on cooperation and mutual respect for the rights of others. We are honored that you intend to stay with us, and we are happy to greet our new residents, and to welcome back our returning students. We look forward to providing you a “home away from home” for you to live, learn and grow, where you will find the East Asia Hall Hostel a very friendly place, with character and human warmth.”

Ms. Helena Lo

General Manager, Educational Hotel

COVID-19 Info for Residents

The IFTM hostel is committed to providing a safe and supportive home for our residents. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have followed the guidance of the Macao Health Bureau on the following anti-epidemic measures on campus. We will keep this page updated as new measures are implemented. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the hostel team at