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IFTM final year students propose ideas for local entrepreneur in the creative industry
7/1/2021 038/REL/RP/2021

In the first half of 2021, the final year students from the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies engaged in an industrial project to support a local serial entrepreneur Mr. Pak-Ho Chau who recently started a company called Moti with a focus on immersive storytelling (e.g. producing video, short-film, animation series, music) that reaches multi-industries such as entertainment, event, education, innovation, research and development. This industry project is part of the course Entrepreneurship and the purpose is for students to help the company to research, develop and propose an original content programme for online platform such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to inspire audiences towards their future vision.

By the end, students had to use their research and business models to justify the feasibility of their ideas. The course leader, IFTM Assistant Professor Dr. Fernando Lourenço and the owner of Moti, Mr. Chau were impressed with the outcomes derived from the project and many of those have good potential for future exploration. This is part of the Institute’s continuous effort to engage with the industry, local SMEs, and entrepreneurs aiming to bring real-world learning opportunities to students and to allow students to apply theory to practice, whilst fulfilling its role as a higher education institution to contribute to the industry.

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