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IFTM iRetail Lab hosts its first live streaming session
to enhance the combination of Production-Learning-Research
12/5/2022 080/REL/RP/2022

The Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) collaborated with Village Macau in hosting its first iRetail Lab Live Stream Session on 29 November via AOMI Live Commerce platform, where students featured local brands of Macao during the live show. The activity is part of the Tourism Retail and Marketing Management Degree programme arrangement, supported by Village Macau, a Macao based entertainment company that has established live stream studio in Macao, Hengqin, Zhuhai and Hangzhou, specialising in live streaming commerce, entertainment, micro video and blogger training.  

The live session attracted over 500 viewers and over 10,000 live interactions. It has provided an opportunity for IFTM’s Tourism Retail and Marketing Management Degree Programme students to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills in live stream and e-Commerce. Students were provided with 4 workshops to understand the operations of major live stream platforms around the world, their performance measurement metrics as well as techniques for managing live stream commerce. Students worked closely with the live streamers from Village Macau to plan and execute their live stream session which included product selection, product presentation, studio set-up and session planning. This unique live session experience not only allowed students to demonstrate their learning in a real business context, students could also promote brands of Macao which are housed at the IFTM iRetail Lab via a digital platform.

IFTM is a dynamic and innovative public higher education institution, with the mission to nurture talents with skills they need in order to sail through the ever-changing environment. IFTM also strives to keep abreast of industry trends and brings new knowledge and skills into the classroom.

The pandemic has caused economic turbulence globally, e-commerce and live streaming have emerged as new retail operation models. The Macao SAR Government has attached great importance to the development of e-commerce and live streaming industry in recent years. IFTM hopes to cooperate with the industry continuously to cultivate more management talents who are versatile in technologies and being cross-disciplinary in knowledge and skills.

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