Launch of New Website 🎉🌐 圖書館新網站已經推出

We are delighted to announce that the brand new website of IFTM Library is launched!

The new website is not only an upgrade on the look, with a library-oriented approach, it is easier and more efficient for users to look for information. Feel free to explore the site and let us know what you think!




  • 複印在圖書館內基本上是一項自助服務。使用者需要透過使用澳門通來複印。


  • 當使用圖書館的複印機及列印機時,使用者如果侵犯專利權和版權,需自負全部責任與後果。


模式列印 / 複印 (複印機)
單面A4黑白MOP0.30 /頁
單面A4彩色MOP2.40 /頁
雙面A4黑白MOP0.20 /頁
雙面A4彩色MOP2.40 /頁
單面A3黑白MOP0.60 /頁
單面A3彩色MOP4.80 /頁
雙面A3黑白MOP0.40 /頁
雙面A3彩色MOP4.80 /頁