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Seminar in "Basic rights and duties of Macao residents, nationality law and consulate protection and services"
20/10/2020 039REL/RP/2020

In order to allow IFTM students understand the basic rights and obligations of Macao residents with respect to the Macao Basic Law, the application of nationality law in Macao SAR and to strengthen student's understanding of China’s consular protection and services, through the arrangments of Identification Services Bureau, IFTM invited the Deputy Director-General of Department of Consular Affairs of Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the MSAR, Ms. Li Yijun, and Head of Division of Identity Card of Identification Services Bureau, Mr. Wong Chi Lon, to deliver the seminar on Oct 15th, which was attended by around 100 students.

Mr. Wong introduced the composition of Macao residents, their basic rights and obligations and the application of nationality law in Macao SAR. Ms. Li introduced main consular services including how consular services could help Chinese citizens to solve all various incidents and problems and how they could seek their legal rights. Besides, she also provided real cases how China mobilised tremendous resources and how it could assist Chinese citizens and Chinese in leaving places affected by natural disasters or political turbulence. All measures had proved that the Motherland is always their strong backup and how China had exercised its consular power. Besides, she also advised students to obey the laws of the destination, to respect the religions and local custom. She reminded that it was important to be vigilant on all types of risks while they were abroad and provided ways to seek consular help when they were in trouble. In response to student's questions about outbound exchange and travelling activities, Ms. Li suggested that under the current strict epidemic prevention situation, students should minimize outbound activities to reduce the risk of being infected.

The seminar was beneficial and practical. Thus, IFTM students were enthusiastic in asking questions. The seminar not only enriched their general knowledge about the law, but also strengthened their sense of belonging to their own identity, their correct understanding of the identity of Macao residents as Chinese citizens, their right to seek consular protection, etc.

Apart from guest speakers, other guests included Ms. Wang Xiaochu and Ms. Kang Yang Zhizi (Attache) from Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in MSAR Region; Ms. Kun Sin Yin, Head of Department of Travel Documents of DSI; IFTM representatives were Dr. Fanny Vong, President, Ms. Louisa Lam, Registrar and Mr. Antonio Chu, Division Head.

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